BEAUTY EFFECTS — Face Beauty Makeup, Photo Editor Via B612 Filter Camera

B612 Filter Camera App is a professional photo editing and sharing app. B612 will let you change your ordinary pics into HD photos with perfect photo beauty effects, and the Latest Portrait Bokeh effects. Find out why 300 million choose Beauty Makeup to edit their selfie, pictures, and videos every single month.

B612 Photo Filter offers simple, yet powerful photo filtering tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and so much more to take your selfie game to the next level.

Creating amazing and Natural Looking photos and video selfies has never been easier. With B612 FILTER CAMERA, you can erase acne marks, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, edit eye color, add filters and special effects, blur photos and so much more.

B612 FILTER CAMERA – Easy Photo Editor app review

Several features make this app more powerful to choose from. You can edit photos with basic editing such as crop, blur, enlarge, etc. This basic feature gives a simple method to create photos based on your own preference. You can get a photo directly from the camera then edit it into a more beautiful and attractive result. Another way is a photo from your own gallery or internal storage on the smartphone. For another basic thing, this app has many features to bring what professionals do into your own hand

The top features are skin editor and perfect eyes. Skin editor is a feature to enhance skin tone. Getting a perfect photo is a tiresome job for amateurs, especially with a smartphone camera. To give a radiant complexion, a skin editor is a right choice to apply. You can tap to remove blemish, pimple, or any skin issue directly. Perfect eyes are a feature to remove dark circles and bags under your eyes. This feature allows users to change eye color to fit the skin and hairstyle. Your eyes will look brighter and have more beauty effects after editing. This feature goes side by side with the skin editor.

B612 FILTER CAMERA – Easy Photo Filters for Android has several other features, such as perfect smile, magic brush, automatic retouch, face recognition, perfect lighting. This application is free, so you do not need to pay for installation. You can share photos after editing to social media and friends. This app has an attractive user interface and simple utilization. This app may not be your choice if only for simple editing. However, a beautiful photo is what everyone wants; this app is a good option to install.


It provides basic editing tools.

It has advanced features.

There is an auto retouch and an attractive interface.


Well, It has too many editing features to play with. 


The user interface is able to adjust with smartphone or tablet mode. Take your picture using the front camera to get a selfie photo. This app will give automatic enhancement, such as brightness, skin tone, color, etc. Well, this feature is called auto retouch. You can activate this feature automatically or you may consider editing manually. After getting the picture, choose certain features such as skin, eyes, etc. Make sure you get what you want before saving and sharing. You can also load photos for basic editing such as cut, crop, bluer, etc. After all of the tasks are done, you can share via the internet or save on internal storage.