YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. This platform became popular the year it was launched as there was nothing like it anywhere on the internet. With more than a decade old and successful as ever, YouTube is not going to go anywhere for the foreseeable future. YouTube is so successful that even content that has been created for other apps ultimately ends up on YouTube. Estimated monthly visits on YouTube goes higher than 22 billion monthly. 

YouTube has its own algorithm just like other platforms, and by working on it, you can make your channel visible. To increase YouTube views, you can use a worthy description and titles with keywords that will  help you get popular or visible. You should also use enough tags to make sure that you reach users. A few tricks used right can increase YouTube subscribers and more subscribers will help in increasing your viewership. An essential part of content is the thumbnail which is often forgotten by most creators. Optimising you’re thumbnail can be an added benefit. 



Another way that you can increase YouTube likes is by adding a transcript to your video content. Organic growth for YouTube or any other platform is slow and needs patience. The best way to give yourself a jump start is to buy YouTube views. If you wait for an organic growth for your channel, you might get left behind by your competitors who are using non organic ways to get most of their views and likes. With channels getting launched everyday, if you wait for an organic growth, the tougher the competition will get.

The content in your videos is definitely the most important aspect of your channel. Good content this incomparable and will get you ahead in the game. Content that is educational, inspirational, factual, and the kind that can make other users relate to it. The better your content that you post on YouTube, the more chance you have of gaining a loyal set of subscribers. You should also stay in touch with the latest trends and keep a track on videos that go viral. An added benefit of your viral content is that when your subscribers share it on other social media platforms, you have a good chance of getting more subscribers. You can also opt for trendy collaborations which will never go out of style. Calling other creators to your channel and making a fun video with them will surely give you two different channels and more viewers. You should utilise the cards that YouTube offers and add fun links to your videos. It is very important to make your channel as user friendly as possible. You can take help of the endless tools that are on the internet because when you wait for an organic surge, it may take forever.