Online makeup editor- The new way to make your face look good in the picture

There has been a massive rise in the digital industry since the introduction of the internet and social media. This has made us much more dependent on our gadgets and the internet than we were at least 5-6 years ago. Today we are all about the internet and its applications. We will not survive without the applications that we have in our daily life from the internet. The kind of support that we get from the internet is massive considering that our lives are constantly revolving around it and we are sort of guided by it and its peripheries. 

The sudden surge in the selfie trend in social media has also seen a huge rise owing to the developments in the cameras and the phones that come with high definition cameras and provide us great pictures. We are exposed to seeing our face and viewing it to such a great extent that often it bugs us that the makeup of the facial expressions ought to be perfect when we post a picture on social media sites.

This situation has given rise to the demand for online beauty filter camer  that helps to set the tone of our face right. You see, the maximum number of people who view our picture first concentrate on the face rather than the background or dress. So our faces are very important and need to be perfectly poised and set when we upload a picture in the social media profiles.

Now, what does the online makeup editor do? There are tons of editing software and apps that help you to edit your picture to look good and poised in front of others. The online beauty plus filter  helps you to balance your facial texture rather than focussing on the entire picture. I have already mentioned why it is important to make your face look good in the picture. This is the reason why you should never make your face look bad in a picture when you are putting it out on social media.

The makeup girls put on your face can often look out of focus or imbalanced in the picture. This is the perfect feature the editing apps provide you to edit your makeup. You can fix your light or the focus and all the necessary things that can be done to make your picture look perfect and better than the others on social media. This will of course make your reach increase and gain a better response than others. Aren’t you happy listening to that? I would have been really happy I would have got this.

On a greater scale all the online makeup editors are up to date and will provide you the best service but you can get the best out of the B612 app that not gives you the online makeup editor but also other features such as light fix, color change, sharpening your image, changing the background and a lot more. You will get the best picture and a lot of reactions from all your contacts that I can guarantee you. So are you ready to enjoy that stardom? Click a picture and get started.


Have You Ever Used An App Store Optimization Agency?


People become anxious about everything for all kinds of reasons. However, since your anxiety is always backed up by a ‘why’, which means there is a reason why you are so anxious, then it can be solved. Similarly, people who wish to see their app at the top of the search results – can also help themselves and fulfill that dream easily. You might ask – How? We are going to ask you a question in return – Have you ever used an app store optimization agency? If you have not, you should. If you aspire that your app will reach the top position, you should consider using an app store optimization agency’s services.


A Best aso agency is not any kind of shady business. Instead, they are an efficient team of people who are trained in different aspects of the online world, so that they can help people who want to boost their app’s position. They have certain tools that help in assessing the needs of your app for ranking it up on the list. With their tools, you can sleep in peace knowing that they will work. There will be no hiccups in the process while the result from the process will be a sweet one!

The advantages!

The advantages of hiring an app store optimization agency are heavenly because they will provide you with these features:

  • Keyword implementation: Every app serves some purpose and keywords are just words that are critical for finding an app. You cannot search for a “calculator app” and get a camera app in the results. Keywords are very important for an app, not only its reach will see an increase, but more people will download it as well. Keywords are selected with great care so that they are relevant to what the app offers as well as what the general public wants. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Abbreviated as CRO, a Best app agency will take every measure necessary to convert every view to a download. When people search for an app, they go through each of them – not by installing them, but by looking at the screenshots, the title, the short description – and if it is well-crafted, then the long description is read and the download button is hit! So, each view matters. The better the visual elements are on a specific page – the better is the download rate. This is is the #1 method to boost your app’s downloads.
  • App Ranking Optimization: If your app can be ranked in different categories, it would mean that your app would have a cozy place to itself where there’s no competition and no one can intervene. Using metrics that show where your app can do better can help you gain an insight into what’s working and what isn’t so that you can make necessary changes. 


An app store optimization agency can thus help you reach your targeted audience and esteemed users quite easily, just with a bit of effort from your side!

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What factors really impact your app store ranking?

There is some kind of factors that really impact your apps for ranking and in this article, we’ll talk about the major 4 types of factors which will really impact your app store ranking higher ranking give your App more exposure more visibility and more traffic and all the traffic convert into downloads all these things depends upon lots of factors so let’s talk about it.


  1. Title of your application

If you add keywords in the title of your app then you have a good heavily weighted app title this is the fact that if you have the keyword in your title then it will rank higher than the keyboard-less counterpart many developers neglect this thing but this is a really important thing because whenever anyone is clicking on your application they are watching your name of the application and the face of the application name is the title and face is the app icon both should be well merged and connected so that your application can have a good impact on people.

  1. Keyword targeting

keyword targeting is a really important part of whether it is Google Play Store or App store and this is very similar to SEO and the keywords to target directly impact the search terms and you rank for it. You should always make sure that you are using only targeting keywords not using useless search terms and a good thing is that you can buy iOS ranking after that so that will also boost up your application’s rank. Always choose your keyword very wisely because this is a very important part of your buy App Store rating

  1. Number of downloads.

I think this term you already know that very important in terms of App ranking because the more number of downloads the more interest will be there for users and if you are looking to boost up your number of downloads and you can buy iOS ranking which will cover all these things and help you to achieve your goal buy iOS ranking is a very good option for new to developers because in the starting they don’t have any kind of searchability and visibility on the buy app store reviews so this is a great option to improve overall rank.

  1. Positive feedback

You should always take reviews of your applications from your users so that you can have deep analytics that your app is performing well or not always respect users make sure you listen to them carefully and try to fulfill all the things which they want to be updated so always make your users happy.

If you are doing all these things and connecting with people and users then you will improve your app’s rating and if it is from 3 to 4 it is a very good thing and if you have an above 4 ratings with good download and positive reviews and you are visible then no one can stop you from getting millions of downloads in some time make sure never lose hope and always be positive and do your thing.

How Top ASO Company works

A good app will obviously do extremely well. As most app developers will agree, the challenge is to ensure that the app is discovered amid the noise of the App Stores’ 5.5 million games (Google Play with 3.3 million and the Apple App Store with 2.2 million).

There is one thing to this which distinguishes the winners from the others. A world-class Top ASO Company is one thing. About why?

What Top ASO Company really does-what ASO solutions it provides-is the first thing to investigate.

  • Strategy:-

Success on mobile begins with strategy. The Go-To Mobile Business plan will be developed by  Top ASO Company that helps you to better understand the industry and consumers to achieve your goals.

Strategy takes into account a range of high-level patterns, figures and concerns regarding positioning. This will include space rivals, the target demographic, client journeys, benchmarks, perspectives, business information, and more. 

  • Product:-

The product comes next. The Top ASO Companies is not only going to take the product and try to sell it. Instead in terms of optimising the product, they will add loads of value, making minor but important improvements to achieve optimum performance. In your app store page listing, improvements can include everything from your screenshot images to the sound, look and feel of your brand. It’s extremely beneficial to have your brand driven by an external and competent opinion.

  • Unique:-

A “DIY” work is obviously not going to cut it when it comes to standing out from 5.5 million other users. A Top ASO Companies will provide the app with cutting-edge creative power and make sure users take notice.

A rare mix of strategic storytelling and artistic flair is paired with great unique work, resulting in solid, influential storeys for the right audience. From boring and forgettable, to unforgettable and amazing, everything from your logo to your screenshots can be taken. All this and more can be provided by the best app store optimisation services

  • ASO Services:-

ASO facilities are where the magic really exists. Users invariably go to access applications via the App Stores. This is the last launch pad for success in the app store or failure.

As has been proved time and time again, your App Store presence is crucial to your success. An ASO agency will ensure the appearance of your App Store on the spot. Including both the key ASO parameters, as well as the little tricks that the real professionals are aware of.

The Top ASO Company is the partner to turn to if you want to increase discoverability, increase conversions, minimise marketing spending and increase organic downloads.

  • Media:-

In general, talking about media, not all downloads are going to come about organically. Paid media plays a major part in the growth of apps. In order to ensure that the precious budgets are not wasted, an ASO organisation will be able to help get the most out of every dollar spent.

A well-run paid campaign will rocket your app to the top of the charts of the App Store, resulting in even more organic downloads.

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An App Store Optimization Agency Can Work Wonders For Your App!

Remember your childhood?

Remember those times when you were a little kid? You would look at things and wonder how they happened, how they worked, how did the whole thing come together, and just so much more! While growing up, the wonder does not fade away, but gets subdued due to a lot of reasons! If you are a person who is now an app developer, wondering what can you do to improve your app’s market, look no further! An app store optimization agency can do just that for you! 


The main advantages of hiring an app store optimization agency!

An app store optimization agency does a lot but its work can be summarized and be talked about in a nutshell revolving around these points:

  • Keyword research and analysis: Although this might sound a bit of a stretch, this process is crucial to the growth of your app, and the process is done step-wise! In the research part, it does not require someone with scholarly skills but the app store optimization agency that searches a variety of keywords appropriate for the app and is in perfect harmony with what the app provides and what the user searches for.
  • Keyword implementation: Once the first step is completed, the keywords are sorted with the parameter for differentiation being set as the competition level of the keywords. Some keywords face high competition. Examples are general short-tailed keywords like “books”,  “fiction books” etc. Long-tailed keywords face much less competition in general but that isn’t always the case. There are exceptions to that too! An example of a long-tailed keyword would be “fiction books for 16 years olds” or “fiction books at a low price” etc. Long-tailed keywords are more specific than short-tailed keywords, thus the number of searches for them is a bit low. However, that does not mean that they are unimportant. In fact, it is the reverse!
  • Rank Optimization:  If your app can perform better than others if it is marketed in multiple categories that are the same at the core but subtle differences exist to distinguish them on the outside, then the app store optimization agency will do it. It is guaranteed that your app will have a place for itself and there will be no intruders to displace the app either!                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • CRO: CRO is the abbreviation for conversion rate optimization. It refers to the rate of conversion of people who are visiting your page to an app install. If the CRO is high, it would mean that your app is quite a popular one. People won’t just browse through!                                                                                                                                                       
  • Well-laid out plans: An app store optimization agency conducts campaigns to help your app reach the top. However, they do it at reasonable prices. You won’t need to worry about money. Just choose your plan and chill!


Just like Rome was not built in a day, similarly, you won’t see your app at the #1 position the first day itself! However, with a little patience and trust in the app store optimization services, you are surely going to taste success within a short while!  Quora Answer Quora Answer

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Get app review- The easiest way to get customer’s attention

Users or the customer are the elixir of life for the entire internet industry which is based on providing the users with the best facility possible regarding their daily needs whatsoever. The application software or the apps are the tiny piece of programmable software that have become one of the most necessary things for us nowadays considering the fact that we live in the age of the internet and apps are the only thing that keeps us continuously connected with the outer world. This has led to the huge booming of the app development industry and the  rise in the number of people developing the apps for us. This is one of the priced jobs all over the world nowadays and this has led to the massive upliftment of technology and various  scopes of advancement  in every field based on the digital sector.

This has led to a new form of marketing strategy that is called digital marketing and a huge number of companies are now opting for this form of marketing to get their apps a better reach to the customers. There are many ways that the digital marketing companies follow to get the apps the desired number of  traffic that they want. The more the traffic the more will be the search rate of the apps and it will get more number of users to install the app. This has led to the surge of digital marketing companies that help the developers to get their due and reach the targeted customers. 

Many methods are followed by the companies to gain the required output. Of which one is to get an app review and post it in the company profile. Why is the process to get app review so important? Just because almost all the customers who come to install an app first check the ratings and the review of the app before installing it. The reviews are so important that only 10% of negative reviews can decrease the installation of the app by the users by a huge amount.

This explains why a significant amount of companies try to get app reviews as soon as they launch the app. Because no form of marketing can beat mouth publicity, reviews serve this purpose. People see the reviews and are convinced about other people’s reaction to the app.

Where can you get app reviews?

There are several ways to get app reviews. The first is of course good marketing strategies and asking people to rate and review the app. You can create a pop up in the app and people to rate and review the app through it. Otherwise you can buy app store reviews from various digital marketing companies out there. You will get fully genuine reviews and that too in cheap prizes

.If you are a developer you must get app reviews because they are the main reasons to increase the number of installations of your app in users devices. To get app reviews and increase your device rank is one of the most sought after methods in the modern app development market.


 In conclusion it can only be said that if you are a developer young reader you should be focused on marketing your app well and there is no better way than to get app reviews and market your app among other users. So are you ready for it?

How to find the best money-making application in just 2 minutes?

If you are looking for the best money-making application then you are at the right place because in this article I’ll show you how to find the best money-making application for you in just 2 minutes so let’s get started.


So the first question is what is a money-making app. And simple words money-making app is an application for your smartphone tablet or computer you can install it on your devices can make money in different ways. Many apps give you reward when you complete some surveys many apps give you rewards for sharing any post liking videos watching videos music and many more things after doing all this stuff you can make some money as a reward given to you by the apps.


In this era of smartphones almost every person who has a smartphone spends so much time on smartphone and in free time they can make money through this app so the online money-making application can be very useful for those people and it might be useful for you also so to find the best Money earn app you should choose that what way you have to earn money by giving surveys watching produce or anything else right you can also play fantasy cricket and can also join eSports but it really depends upon your interest and your opinion if you are looking foreign online money making app then you should apply to try and error method you should search for it.

and you have to use it on your own then you can find its usefulness worth for your time or not because not every app will be good for you or bad for you so users should check that it is legit or that they are paying you in real cash or not because lots of app on the where are making you fool and didn’t give you any money at all so you should find it that they are paying some ransom money or not after checking this you should try that the interface is good or not whether they are taking time in processing the payment or they are giving you the instant payment and whether it is safe or not to use that app for making money ought to using in your smart devices 20 must be the mean recipe for finding the best app for you because this must be a really important factor to lose your private data because you know nowadays there are lots of apps.


they can use your data in there work they can send it to other company which is looking for private data of persons so it is not right to always trust all the apps you find on the web you should check all the stuff that they are having a good rating we are having good reviews and they are not misusing anything from your phone so this must be the things you should look for and it is not that easy to make good amount of money on the apps because they are just giving you and small reward for your work and if you are looking for some extra cash which will be like your pocket money then online money earning apps can be the best option for you to use and get some extra cash for yourself.



INTODUCTION TO “iOS app store optimisation”:

According to Top App Store Optimisation Companies and their strategies to make your app visible, metadata factors are the most important factors that help you rank high in search results. Whether it be an iOS app store or google play store, understanding each algorithm and its ranking factors helps make good decisions while optimizing your app.

In this topic well be guiding through the on-metadata factors that help in your app’s visibility of iOS app store and few tips and tricks used by top app store optimisation companies.


  • App page visuals optimisation:

Coming to the app title, iOS helps you use up to 30 characters and 100 characters in a short description. While keywords used in the tittle play as a second strongest influencing factor after the title, it doesn’t give much importance to the keywords used in long descriptions like google play store.

This is because when you search for an app, only the app title and the subtitle are varying from android apps. It’s important to use the keywords in the subtitle in the iOS store rather than the long description.

When considering the screenshots and app icon, understand that they appear in the search results when a customer searches for the app. So, using creative screenshots help you get more conversion rates.

  • User acquisition:

Getting more downloads is also a ranking factor in the app store like google play store, but that’s not it; even if you have a good number of downloads, if the user is not using the app, it sends a negative response to the app store. It shows that the user is not satisfied with the product. This ultimately affects your ranking. Therefore, it always suggested acquiring only rightful customers who want to use your app and keep updating the app for more user engagement.

Tips for iOS app store optimisation:

Few tips given by top app store optimisation companies when they work with iOS are:

  • It’s quite important to use the character space wisely in the apple app store because of the limited space. It is better to avoid repeated keywords and prepositions, commas, and space.
  • App store mix and match all the keywords in your description without the special need of longtail keywords. So, it’s better to use the most optimized keywords that give longtail keywords in any possible way.
  • The iOS app store has the advantage of mentioning your app in more than one category. For example, if you have a racing game app, it’s better to consider your first category as racing and second category as entertainment.

This helps your app getting exposed to more than two categories and gives greater discoverability.

  • Avoid using the word “free” in iOS, because the app has more risk of getting rejected.
  • You can write a special description of the app’s updates in the apple store using up to 170 keywords.
  • Promoting the in-app purchases in the iOS app doubles the visibility. With this feature, it helps your app get more chances of discoverability.
  • Featuring your app is said to increase nearly 800 percent conversions in iOS. The most commonly used app tool for this is app follow for iOS apps. It helps in understanding the type of visibility achieved.


App stores are dynamic and ever-changing. It’s better and wise for an ASO expert and marketer to always keep an eye on the app store updates and techniques to keep their app on the top.


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Small But Important Things To Observe In ASO


ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in app stores and search results. It also ensures that your app meets app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of search results pages.

There are a number of ways to optimize your mobile app or game to maximize visibility and improve conversion rates and installations, but today we will delve deeper into one of the most important aspects of App Store Optimization

Other optimization efforts in the App Store can be very effective, such as optimizing your mobile app to rank 5 or higher for targeted keywords.

 Browsing optimization is also an important aspect of App Store optimization that we will not consider in this article. As always, we start by optimizing app search and talk to the most popular search engine optimization tools for mobile apps.



Advantages Of Aso And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.


  • If you want to place your app in front of the right users, App Store optimization is a must.
  •  It is a strong positive user sentiment that favors Google, which rates apps with more and better reviews higher and convinces users of a higher quality app. 
  • User feedback is critical to the optimization strategies in the App Store, as it influences the ranking of app stores and has a huge impact on conversion rates.
  • Optimizations in the App Store are crucial to getting more downloads and better visibility for your apps in the App Store. 
  • Now that you know the facts about how to optimize the App Store, you can use them to improve the performance of your apps. Use the above-mentioned App Store optimization tips to reach a more relevant audience and get the attention you deserve.
  • It would be a crime not to use an App Store optimization service to reach more customers around the world. Not only can you save money on advertising, but you can also use the App Store optimization services to organically download.



Consider promoting your brand, try to get a presence in the App Store, and prepare the ground for virality by promoting your app and attracting more users. Make sure your mobile app is discovered by using the best ASO service in the Apple Store.


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Why ASO is Amazing?


The App Store and Google Play see roughly around 5000 new apps entering their platforms each day. Since it seems like the app market does not stop growing, how does one make sure his app stands out and ranks well in these platforms? In the crowded market that is the app market, the main challenge faced by app creators and businesses is being undiscovered and invisible to their target audience. Unfortunately, this reduces the app’s exposure as well as its rankings, giving bad returns to its owner. A way to turn this around is through ASO, a commonly ignored concept that changes the way people look at an app. An easy way to define is that it is like SEO, but for apps. It is the process of increasing an app’s visibility so that it is uncovered by many users on various app platforms to help better downloads and rankings. An app store optimization agency can help bring in organic downloads, target the right audience, increase an app’s visibility, and can bring in great profits that only keep growing.

Ever since apps came into existence on the very first smartphone, ASO has been highly relevant but completely ignored. Only in recent times, app store optimization agencies have been picked up by many app owners to help them with the task of bringing traffic to their apps by optimizing their apps. We see that those apps that invest in ASO get better rankings and increased downloads. This is the main goal of any app store optimization agency. Along with this, it aims to test and use keywords that can increase rankings and create engaging and attractive graphics to increase the chances of the app to get downloaded. 



Of the many strategies used by digital marketing and  app store optimization agencies, these are a few of them that are crucial to nail. after creating an app, it is important to understand the people for who it’s made for. When we study the target audience, we must consider everything from their sex, race, and religion to personal interests, area of residence and education level. It is key to understand why a person would download a particular app and these reasons vary from one person to another. This strategy has no full stop to it as an app’s target audience changes constantly with time. Visuals play a mighty role in the conversion of app page visitors to actual users. Apps that have a good aesthetic and graphics are more likely to be clicked on and further downloaded. Colours, shapes and their uniformity are all factors to consider while developing the app’s UI, as they affect the likelihood of a person to download it. These strategies are some of them but go hand in hand with the various factors and elements that ASO handles in order to obtain an optimized version of the app, compared to its previous self.

In conclusion, app store optimization agencies are the way to go when it comes to boosting your app’s popularity in terms of rankings and getting more downloads. It is also the only way to obtain organic downloads and has quality users.

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