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According to Top App Store Optimisation Companies and their strategies to make your app visible, metadata factors are the most important factors that help you rank high in search results. Whether it be an iOS app store or google play store, understanding each algorithm and its ranking factors helps make good decisions while optimizing your app.

In this topic well be guiding through the on-metadata factors that help in your app’s visibility of iOS app store and few tips and tricks used by top app store optimisation companies.


  • App page visuals optimisation:

Coming to the app title, iOS helps you use up to 30 characters and 100 characters in a short description. While keywords used in the tittle play as a second strongest influencing factor after the title, it doesn’t give much importance to the keywords used in long descriptions like google play store.

This is because when you search for an app, only the app title and the subtitle are varying from android apps. It’s important to use the keywords in the subtitle in the iOS store rather than the long description.

When considering the screenshots and app icon, understand that they appear in the search results when a customer searches for the app. So, using creative screenshots help you get more conversion rates.

  • User acquisition:

Getting more downloads is also a ranking factor in the app store like google play store, but that’s not it; even if you have a good number of downloads, if the user is not using the app, it sends a negative response to the app store. It shows that the user is not satisfied with the product. This ultimately affects your ranking. Therefore, it always suggested acquiring only rightful customers who want to use your app and keep updating the app for more user engagement.

Tips for iOS app store optimisation:

Few tips given by top app store optimisation companies when they work with iOS are:

  • It’s quite important to use the character space wisely in the apple app store because of the limited space. It is better to avoid repeated keywords and prepositions, commas, and space.
  • App store mix and match all the keywords in your description without the special need of longtail keywords. So, it’s better to use the most optimized keywords that give longtail keywords in any possible way.
  • The iOS app store has the advantage of mentioning your app in more than one category. For example, if you have a racing game app, it’s better to consider your first category as racing and second category as entertainment.

This helps your app getting exposed to more than two categories and gives greater discoverability.

  • Avoid using the word “free” in iOS, because the app has more risk of getting rejected.
  • You can write a special description of the app’s updates in the apple store using up to 170 keywords.
  • Promoting the in-app purchases in the iOS app doubles the visibility. With this feature, it helps your app get more chances of discoverability.
  • Featuring your app is said to increase nearly 800 percent conversions in iOS. The most commonly used app tool for this is app follow for iOS apps. It helps in understanding the type of visibility achieved.


App stores are dynamic and ever-changing. It’s better and wise for an ASO expert and marketer to always keep an eye on the app store updates and techniques to keep their app on the top.


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